We keep your real estate development project on schedule and on budget.


With over 2 million square feet built and over 30 years in the construction industry, we  know how to help you from the ground up.

Planning concepts. Land use. City application processes. Construction management. 

We get it done.

“Greg, I deeply appreciate how much of yourself you have invested in this project and I am proud of our many achievements.”
— Tim Soley, East Brown Cow

AbouT US

Shinberg Consulting specializes in assisting clients in the development of commercial real estate, preventing unexpected challenges, navigating zoning boards, ensuring ADA compliance, and much more.

Our clients include East Brown Cow, MEMIC, Fathom Companies, Capital Servicing and others. 

Learn more about how we can benefit your project with our commercial, institutional and multi-family property development services.

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Our projects

View the real estate development projects we have led over the years, from commercial to residential, historic renovations to institutional buildings.

Past and current projects include hotels, office buildings, parking garages, luxury homes, waterfront properties, and more. 

Each project comes with unique and shifting needs. We have seen it all, so we can help to anticipate these challenges and avert them before they impact your budget and timeline.

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“I appreciate the opportunity to be involved in such an important building in Portland - it truly has become a gem on Congress Street. I am grateful for your time vision and for your investment - in time and dollars - that turned an ugly duckling into a stellar presence.”
— Lisa Whited, Founder/Chief Transformation Officer, Workplace Transformation Facilitation re. 645 Congress